What about some news?

It’s been a long time since I’ve wrote something here, so here it is for a quick review of the news.

PerlDancer has a new website, apparently it really looks to please people, and I’m very glad of that! Huge kudos go to Oxide who did all the artwork. His design is so cool, we all love it!

I’m going to attend FOSDEM and am very happy to do so. Lots of Dancer developers will be there and we’ll have plenty of time for working on the project (well, if we don’t stay too long in the awesome pubs Brussels can provide!).

I’ll be in the Perl devroom on sunday, and will give a talk about project management within the Perl community; it’s entitled “Code, Release, Market”. How one can grow a project successfuly is the topic I’ll try to cover. Of course, I’ll use the experience I had so far with Dancer to build the talk.

Well, what esle? Ho yes, Dave Rolsky pointed out that our Changelog format is pretty bad, and well, he’s totally right! We’ll follow his advices and will now build our changelog in a better way.
That’s already the case in the development branch, as you can see on GitHub.

Well, that’s all for now, see you at FOSDEM!

Oh, and maybe, if the gods are with us, we’ll have T-shirts with us!

3 thoughts on “What about some news?

  1. Don’t forget dates in the Changelog. They are, as Dave Rolsky mentioned, most useful!

    Great stuff you’re doing, keep it up!

    Robin Smidsrød

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