Social Web, so what?

High Sheeps by Bertoz

I came accross this interesting article about social networks, the main idea being that taking over Facebook is not the question anymore: OK, Facebook has 800 millions active users, that’s huge.

But the question is no more “how many users you can get into your social network”, it’s more, “why will users come to your social network”.

That’s a very interesting point of view, and I’d say I couldn’t agree more with the idea that at some point, the number of active users is not a value I’d look for, actually it’s the opposite. Did you look recently at your Facebook wall? It’s just an empty room filled with wind and pop-corn.

My Facebook account is undead and whenever I log on to see what’s happening in my “friends” life, all I see is how much their life is exciting. OK, this last one was a bit sarcastic, but frankly, it’s not far from the truth. It’s just, well, boring. Also, don’t take me wrong, I’m not saying I don’t care about my friends life, I’m saying that everything in Facebook contribute to lower the quality of publications.

On the other hand, I make a big use of Twitter and am interested to check out what’s happening in my circles on Google+. Why so? Because the users I’m following there are interesting, they have something to say other than where they spent their holydays, how much they love their dog or whatever they ate at lunch. At the same time, their audience is paying more attention, that changes everything.
It’s a virtuous circle: more expectation from your audience brings better content.

There are less users, more specialized, yes indeed. And that’s why it’s better.